All That Time Off and All I Came Up With Is THIS?
I do have a piece of news: my niece is now engaged to marry this one fireman/EMT guy who's shown up for Thanksgiving and Christmas a couple of times, and managed not to run away screaming for some reason.

I picked out a wedding band for them. Not the kind you put on your finger, the kind you drunkenly dance to and hope your pants don't fall down in the process. Since they are "A Hillbilly Tribute To AC/DC" (example:)

they will play "Shook Me All Night Long". This means Dilf will be able to perform his legendary "leg as a guitar" dance, which he only performs at weddings and only to that particular song. I have a picture of said leg dance, but I cannot for the life of me find it.

I know the picture came from this wedding, which remains the only wedding I have attended that ended with a trip to a bowling alley. Maybe if I moved to Cleveland or Milwaukee, that would change. (You can also see honest and for real pictures of me in that post, with my head attached and not wearing a cupcake apron.)

Whenever I search through my archives, I am reminded of what a good blog I used to have. Maybe my New Years Resolution will be to return to my previous glory.
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