Time to Bitch Slap the Park District Board of Trustees

It's time for the park district board meeting again.

At the first one, they passed a carefully-worded motion to "not cut down trees or alter the southwest corner of McCollum Park." Apparently, and incorrectly, they felt this would shut us up.

But I found the last meeting very enlightening. These people on the board are unclear on the concept that I and my fellow taxpayers own the parks, and they are appointed to carry out our wishes. One woman on the board, the SECRETARY no less, complained about receiving our letters and emails, which she claimed actually DETRACTED from her duties as park trustee. She was also the only member of the board who didn't reply to my email. The SECRETARY. That whiny bitch is the first to feel my wrath tonight.

Instead of enlisting the involvement of us pesky taxpayers, our park district board has allowed, nay, encouraged, an "advisory board" of non-park district sports club entities to unduly influence the park district board. These leagues do have some Downers Grove residents, but are not limited to our residents. These non-tax payers, non-owners have our board's ear. Perhaps they pay huge user fees, you may think. Money talks, right? Well, they don't. Not even close. They're all just buddies, and doing what this "advisory board" wants allows the board the luxury of not thinking.

Now, Ubermilf has some experience with these boards and such. I reported on village board meetings for a local cable station, I worked for a fire district, and a downtown merchant's association. I am not going to use my anger. That leads to the dark side. Plus, they can dismiss you as a random lunatic.

Instead, I'm going to be sweet, calm, and icily logical. I am going to ask uncomfortable questions in a cooly respectful tone. I will make them squirm. And in the case of Madame Secretary, cry. Hee hee. I do so love when my evil can be used for helpful purposes.

And people -- next time there's a local election, vote. Please???
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