Timeline of My Last 48 Hours
Wednesday, late afternoon -- I am shopping for school supplies at Office Max. The lights dim, flicker, then go out. Since I live nearby, I tell them I'll come back.

I head toward home. All lights, including stoplights, are out. I see a plume of smoke and emergency vehicles everywhere.

We learn the nearby power station caught fire. My mind immediately combines this fact with hot summer weather and lack of air conditioning, and repeats "Some Like it Hot" over and over in my head.

My electricity is also out. We talk to neighbors, including the neighbor's family two doors down. That neighbor is not expected to live through the night; thus, her entire family was there.

Thursday -- The next morning, lights are still out. Dilf is home on vacation this week, so we decide to go to the Museum of Science and Industry to see that body exhibit. (This is a whole story to go into later.)

We return; lights are still out. Next door neighbor tells us neighbor two doors down passed away at 9 a.m. that morning. We visit grandma and grandpa.

Lights are still out when we come home. Com Ed promises they will return by 6 a.m.

Friday -- 8 a.m. Enraged DILF marches to fire station at the end of our block where Com Ed is handing out ice, water, batteries and McDonald's certificates. He also brings back Caribou Coffee.

We begin purging and cleaning refrigerator, mopping floors from melted ice, and washing dishes. (Dishwasher doesn't work. It was full.)

At 1 p.m., power returns. My neighbor's house (next to the newly deceased) catches fire from the power surge. Their three cats die and their house is destroyed, but the people and dog are otherwise okay. We agree to watch doggie overnight.

2:45 p.m., power goes out. Again.

5:30 power comes on. I write blog. Neighbor returns for dog; they will be staying with family.

It's now 6:13 as I write this.

So. What's new with you guys?
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