Wizard World Comic Convention Draws Diverse Crowd of Dork-Americans

This weekend, Dork-Americans will congregate in Chicago to celebrate their cultural heritage, share sacred texts, and honor esteemed leaders such as Frank Miller and Jim Lee at Wizard World, their annual pilgrimage.

They also hope to showcase their diversity and solidify their unity, as Dorks of every stripe and description descend upon the Donald E. Stevens Convention Center in Rosemont.

"People have this warped perception of Dorks as white, suburban males lacking in physical ability. In reality, Dork culture encompasses a wide variety of people," explains prominent Dork-American Steven Armbrucht. "Just look around! I see a girl over there."

Armbrucht also quickly pointed out the growing number of hillbilly participants at Wizard World. "People are so misinformed. They think all hillbillies are adherents of NASCAR, yet here they are immersing themselves in the world of comic books. Our female population is also increasing. Our mating percentage is rising exponentially!"

Bolstering Armbrucht's claims is the recent launch of Dorkgirl, a line of lingerie catering to female Dork-Americans.

In addition to misconceptions about gender and socio-economic class, Dorks are sensitive to being mislabeled geeks or dweebs.

"Geeks have a computer or science thing going on. Dorks aren't as hung up on intelligence or accomplishments, like the Geek community. And, as you can see by the large crowds here, Dorks are much more social than Dweebs. You'll never see a Dweeb convention; they keep to themselves."
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