Calf to Ubergirl: Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific

We went to the DuPage County Fair last night. We caught but a glimpse of the demolition derby; apparently, it's quite the popular attraction amongst the county fair crowd. Next year, we'll have to get there earlier to reserve our seats.

We still had fun, eating corn dogs, corn on the cob and funnel cakes. The girlies went on rides, including a full family spin on the Tilt-o-Whirl.

We also took the girls to the petting zoo, where a calf (that's a baby cow, for you city folk) decided to nurse off of Ubergirl Younger's little blonde head. It took Dilf a few moments to detach the calf from her noggin, and she lost her desire to visit with the animals. I did my best to disinfect her with baby wipes and Purell, but she got a full and thorough bath when we came home.

I still find it amusing that DuPage County clings to this fantasy that farms still exist within its borders. According to the Chicago Tribune, "...DuPage County once was rich with farms but now has the fewest of any county in the state."
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