Sometimes You Just Shouldn't Click

As many of you know, Uberdilf is a tech guy. Among other things. He's multi-talented. But today's story involves his tech guy persona.

Some people got laid off at Uberdilf's employer yesterday, and one of his responsibilities is to check a departing employee's computer for pirated software or anything else that could be trouble.

One of those computers contained some minor share ware and some downloaded movies, including one that Dilf read as "Piegrape*." Puzzled at what "Piegrape" could mean, he clicked on it.

He soon realized that his mind's eye had inserted an "e" into the name (perhaps due to Nick's influence). The name actually read, with disturbing accuracy, "Pigrape."

*I wrote this without consulting Dilf, who told me this story last night at the dinner table. When he said "pi grape" I heard "pie grape" because I think of food before math. My husband must think of math before bestiality, which we all agree is a good thing.
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