Cringe-Inducing Mom Music
I watched "Serial Mom" last night. I love that movie. I love when she flips her Barry Manilow cassette in the car stereo while the police are chasing her, and sings along to "Daybreak."

Manilow represents what I will call "Mom Music," although I myself don't listen to it. It's the music that Moms sing along with as they clean the house, and what embarrasses their children while carpooling.

The 70's had more than its fair share, Manilow leading the pack. But remember, the 80's produced Rick Astley, a post-Commodores Lionel Ritchie, Richard Marx and the "Dirty Dancing" Soundtrack album.

The 90's gave us Michael Bolton and Celine Dion, and Celine haunts us to this very day. And let's not forget decade-spanning horrors like Phil Collins, Elton John without Bernie Taupin and Whitney Houston.

I take after my father. He listened to embarrassing music, but at least it was bizarre and eclectic. When my friends heard it, they'd say, "What the hell is that?" instead of, "Your mom listens to Barry Manilow?"

I can't help but embarrass my kids. But at least I'll be unconventional.
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