Oink! Oink! Zoo Pals! Meow! Meow! Zoo Pals! Quack! Quack! Zoo Pals! Zoo Pals Make Eating Fun!
I can't get the Zoo Pals jingle out of my head.

For those of you who don't know, Zoo Pals are paper plates for kids.

They also make cups:

and resealable plastic bags:

If you click on one of the Zoo Pals as it spins past you on the carousel, you will notice that each Zoo Pal has a name, talent, like and dislike -- just like a Playboy Centerfold!

And, people collect them. Like fine china. Except they're paper plates. Paper Plates with animal faces printed on them, for which some advertising copywriter somewhere must create a personality. Possibly while dreaming of a different career.

"And when you clean your plate... you get a smiling face! Hoot! Hoot! Zoo Pals! Ribbit! Ribbit! Zoo Pals! Moo Moo Zoo Pals! Zoo Pals make eating fun!"
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