More Catalog Stupidity
I've already complained about Frontgate, but they keep sending me catalogs anyway. Now, I'm going to bitch about Grandin Road.

What fluffs my feathers about Grandin Road is their tagline: "Affordable Style." They often preface their prices with "only!" as if that makes it true. Well, guess what, Grandin Road? Your full of shit. High-priced, potpourri-scented shit.

Take this "art" for example. 71955B "Create a garden on you wall!" they urge. It's created with "advanced giclée printing techniques." Do you know what that is? Me neither. I guess it's good, though. Anyway, it better be for $779.

What's that? You don't want to stick a bunch of ugly flower prints on your wall for almost 8 hundred dollars, you say? You need to make your car payment and buy some groceries, you say? Well, I guess you just don't know "affordable style" when you see it.
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