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Sometimes, I look at an ad and think, "Is this a mistake or subliminal advertising? Or did the ad agency have leftover layouts from a previous client on which they just changed the product info? This ad doesn't seem to match the product. What's going on here?" Consider the following coupon I found this week:

There is a photo of an older, yet still active, couple. They are smiling, touching foreheads, obviously in love. This isn't the picture, but it's similar so you get the idea:

To the immediate right of this image appear four small, round, pill-like tablets; two are light blue and two are light green. Written on the light green are the names "Dave & Esther"; on the light blue, "45 days 6 hr 7min."

Whoa! That's some powerful stuff!

That's what I was thinking until I read the ad header: My M&M's. Create a memory that will last long after the candy is gone.

I'm not sure what memory Dave and Esther are creating, but I'm sure it would make their twenty-something children retch.
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