Post 1000: Reader's Choice
The votes are in. By the slimmest of margins and some interpretation on my part ("anything with Nick in it" can be any of dozens of posts.)

So, without further ado, I give the Reader's Choice award to...

Mr. Nickles, Manny

Here it is, as it originally appeared.

I have decided to hire Nick as my manny. He will be responsible for keeping the girlies occupied while I get stuff done, keeping the toy room clean, and watching Willie Wonka over... and over... and over... keeping in mind that Cinderella will be re-released this October and I have already reserved a copy.

Also, when Claire across the street comes over, Nick is responsible for making sure they all play nicely and do not take the sheets off of Ubergirl Elder's bed to make a tent, or hide behind the glass shower doors during hide and seek.

Nick is also in charge of killing spiders, and asking, "Did you flush?" after the children use the toilet.

Nick will receive free room and board and all meals, including pie at least once a week. Nick will also be allowed access to the DSL line and the I-MAC, and may have input into which movies are ordered from NetFlix. No porn allowed.

When can I expect you to report for duty, Mr. Seaman?

Oh, and your manny name will be "Mr. Nickles."

Now, this is not MY favorite. Perhaps I shall stroll down memory lane for the next couple of days...
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