Bad Music Thursday: Leo Sayer
No, Leo Sayer is no Lady. But for some reason, "You Make Me Feel Like Dancing" was stuck in my head. Since I vaguely recollect posting that before, I picked another astoundingly awful Leo Sayer Song:

I could've picked any of his musical attacks on our senses, really. Take your pick. But this one has him being blown up by a muppet, so I liked it.

Also, I came across a clip of him freaking out on British television. He was on "Big Brother", and he ran out of clean underwear:

So, he's concerned about spreading disease with his soiled undergarments, yet is unconcerned about the tragic legacy of his putrid musical career? Perhaps all of that fuzzy hair has clogged his ears and he doesn't realize the true horror of what he's done to the world.
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