I Have Important Things to Write About; Instead, I'll Write About Skunks

We just had a local election; world events are always churning; many of my fellow Americans are suffering from severe weather damage; my brother is doing his semi-annual idiot dance -- but I can't face any of those things right now, so I'll write about my newest neighbor.

For about a week or so, Dilf and I have been treated to the lovely fragrance of skunk wafting past our windows. This makes sense, because according to this informative and friendly site, it is skunk mating season. Additionally, cats wisely have no problem with skunks, or at least don't confront them about it. So, nobody in my household is going to harrass the little guy as he brings home his love conquests.

This made me think: dogs chase skunks (to the dismay of both parties), but does any creature actually EAT a skunk? It turns out my helpful website had that answer, too: coyotes, foxes, owls, and bobcats will eat the smelly fellow. I've seen coyotes and foxes around here, and I'm sure there are owls, but they have a plethora of other more delicious and less odiferous prey upon which to snack. A plethora of plump, juicy rabbits and rude, obnoxious squirrels and timid, defenseless field mice abound. Why bother with Mr. Stinky?

Luckily, the world's most dangerous predator eats squirrel. Anthony Bourdain, please come get your dinner.
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