Don Ho Died Over the Weekend. Which Reminds Me of a Story...
In all the excitement of this weekend, I neglected to note Don Ho's passing. Thank goodness Sysm did. Mr. Ho passed away on April 14.

Don Ho has a special place in my heart. Well, not in my heart, exactly. In my painful childhood memories. As I explained on Sysm's blog, My siblings used to tease me that I was in love with Don Ho. See, when I was about 6 or 7 years old, I was minding my own business playing with my toys downstairs (in those days, people only had one TV. Imagine!) and it was about 10 or 11 a.m.

Whatever my mom had been watching while she was ironing (I think it was Jeopardy) had ended, and Don Ho's TV show came on. I didn't even notice the show had changed.

But my sisters did. They accused me of deliberately and passionately enjoying it. From then on they used to sing, to the tune of "Hi Ho, Hi Ho":

Don Ho
Don Ho
We love to see your show

We love your face
You're full of grace
Don Ho
Don Ho

I have no idea why my sisters were so intent on claiming I "loved" people whom I did not. I was not alone in my plight. My brother was similarly tortured.

For instance, just because Connie Gruba turned around and smiled at my brother as she shook his hand in church one Sunday, my sisters insisted he was carrying on a torrid love affair with her at the tender age of 9. Worse, they'd also sing a mocking tune to him, which requires some explanation.

Connie's father delivered Little Debbie baked goods to the area grocery stores. Thus, to torment my brother while reminding him of his "love" for Connie Gruba, they would sing "La la la, la la la, Little Debbie." That was the company's jingle at the time.

I tried to find a sample of that particular ad, but I couldn't. Instead, please enjoy this truly horrible 1980's era Little Debbie commercial featuring Rich Little rapping:

Thank goodness I resisted the raw sexual appeal of Rich Little. I wouldn't have wanted to hear that repeated over and over again.
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