Bad Music Thursday: 1978. Wait... Didn't Someone Go to Prom that Year???
As a lead-in to the REAL story of Double Post's prom date tomorrow (we discussed how eerily similar Todd's picture was to the Double Post's actual prom picture), please enjoy this stunner fresh from the 1978 pop charts.

(By the way, I must add that this week's choice must've been written in the stars. Sysm initially brought it to my attention, but I decided against it because I thought I had already attacked the 70's enough. I toyed with some other ideas, then decided to match the music to Double Post's prom year. Lo and behold, this song was FROM 1978! Pretty spooky, eh?)

May I present the very "touching" Dan Hill:

I never knew the song was sung by this guy before. Huh.
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