This Week in Coupons: Cut the Crap out of Coupons
I had 72 pages of coupons in this week's Sunday paper; in all those pages, I found only 16 coupons  for actual food I could buy in the actual grocery store.  Another 14 were for cleaning or paper products, and a whopping 30 were for health and beauty products (including a coupon for KY LiquiBeads, which I'm not sure I want to know about.  Okay, yes I do.)

But evil has started to infiltrate the happy world of coupons.  It started small, with some odd knick knacks and collector plates here, pull-on stretch pants and orthopedic shoes there.  Now, we have pages WITHOUT ANY SORT OF COUPON OR DISCOUNT TO BE FOUND ANYWHERE.

Sirs and mesdames of the credit card industry, is it not enough that you befoul our mailboxes with your unsolicited offers -- must you infiltrate our coupon sections as well?

And you, Direct TV -- have you no other avenue open to you for advertising, that you must take up space in my beloved coupon section with your filthy, coupon-less, full-page shill?  Not even a "mention-this-ad-and-get-something?"  For shame!

Is it not bad enough that we are assaulted weekly with items such as this:

The image “http://www.bobsliberace.com/decades/1980s/80s.image/plate1.JPG” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

or this:

Fancy Clamdiggers

Woe to the future of coupons if this trend continues.

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