It's Time I Went to War

Anyone who wants to read about Auntie Julie's face in the mashed potatoes can either ask Double Post or read it referenced here.

Otherwise, I'm starting my war correspondence.

I've been angry at my park district before. I've suffered in silence, and I've let them know how I feel.

But it's come to my attention that these people are a tyrannical regime that must be toppled. It isn't just my park and my neighbors they piss on and annoy -- they seem bent on causing all the good people of Downers Grove to suffer. Well, almost all (I will find the newspaper article that quotes one board member as saying, "we can't [go through with whatever nefarious plot they were hatching at that point] -- that's in an area of higher-priced homes!").

Here are their most recent debacles:


And more assholery

Also, they reconstructed another park (I'm trying to find it; I will in the course of my investigation) which caused the neighbors surrounding it to experience flooding.

I'm going to research and put together a case, then attack them at every board meeting until they cease and desist their evil ways.
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