What Republicans Yell Inwardly to Themselves: "Nerds, Nerds, Nerds!!!"
School started. I read this, this and this, among others. Together, they swirled into a confluence of ideas that cumulated into one idea: conformity, and the price paid by those who dare not to adopt it.

That Spongebob episode ties in because Squidward moves to a gated community of fellow Squidwards, where everyone is exactly the same. At first he thinks it's heaven, then he realizes it's hell and rebels in a spectacular fashion. I love that episode.


The word "elitist" is bandied about by Republicans to describe anyone even a pinkie-toe left of center. I believe it's code for "nerd." Think about how they describe "elitist" as an "arugula-eating, pointy-headed-professor type," or Obama supporters as a "Dungeons & Dragons crowd .. from the comfort of mom's basement."

This explains why Obama scares the Republicans so much. They remember this movie.

Specifically, this part:

The head of Lambda Lambda Lambda sitting in his chair probably looks uncomfortably like Obama sitting in the Oval Office to them.

So, the question is: will everyone stay seated in the bleachers this November, either too afraid to stand up or hoping to be mistaken for a "jock" or willing to fill the role as boot-licking toadie, or will they finally be tired of being treated like shit, too?
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