Barney Frank, You Owe My Dining Room Table an Apology!

If you don't know what my title means, go Google something. I don't have time to provide you people with links.

Hopefully, Barney Frank's stand against the "townies" (really, what are those people called? The Fox News footsoldiers who show up at town hall meetings?) will be akin to that guy who asked Joe McCarthy if he had any decency: a moment that turns the tide against lunacy.

"Townies," here's my problem with you: you aren't really questioning the health care bill. You aren't even questioning whether or not health care needs reforming at all. Those are valid stances to take, whether or not I or anyone else agrees.

But equating this health care reform with eugenics or Logan's Run or Obama with Hitler isn't an argument. It's baseless nonsense. If Glen Beck or Rush Limbaugh or Hannity said "Obama uses white babies for his spear-chucking practice," which is as hatefully racist as the feelings these atrocious mouthpieces are inspiring in their audiences, you would believe it. Because you want to believe in a world of sharply defined good and evil. And you want to view yourselves as good, and "others" as evil.

And if you went to one of these town halls and shrieked "Why do you support a barbaric African's baby-skewering in the Rose Garden?", and your bewildered Congressperson replied, "But the President doesn't impale babies. And he was born in Hawaii," you'd call it a cover-up.

And that's why Barney Frank finds talking to you as useful as talking to a piece of furniture. It doesn't matter what he or anyone else has to say. Fox News has positioned itself as the one beacon of truth, you believe them, and thus they are able to either plant ridiculous ideas in your head or stoke the flames of prejudices that already exist there.
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