Is Feeding My Children Optional?

I'm not claiming any kind of parental superiority here. I mean, I feed my children this, for God's sake. The vitamins I purchased and sometimes remember to give my children are basically candy. I serve my children boxed macaroni and cheese, which has been known to cause health experts on TV to shriek "You're killing your children!" when they find it in the cupboards of the ashamed chubby people they're trying to assimilate.


I have become aware that many people do not feed their children meals anymore. I'm not talking about the decline of the family dinner. I'm talking about kids who wake up and spend the day grazing from bags marked either Frito-Lay or Nabisco. Not as a side dish; not as a snack. As in... that's all they eat.

They come to my house. Some decline my offer of a sandwich or piece of cheese or fruit. Others exclaim, "You have SPINACH! Can I have some? Ooooh... SALAD DRESSING!"

I have heard, quizzically, "You set the table? We never set the table at my house." Others are perplexed by the very concept of "dinner."

What the hell is going on around here? Cave people gathered around the fire and ate together. Ancient manuscripts include discussions of banquets and such. Every society includes dining rituals. Are we evolving or devolving?

This topic has been discussed before by more learned people than me. Usually I see "people are so busy with jobs and activities and whatnot." But I'm seeing it even when the people are home with their kids all day. They must not be eating, either. Are we really that lazy that making a sandwich is too difficult? It's not like you're baking the bread and slaughtering the turkey, people. Is your mayo jar on too tight? Can't get your utensil drawer open? WHAT??!!

I'm sorry, I said I wasn't judging. But now it sounds like I am.
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