See? This is what pisses me off, people.

Les Paul died today. He was 94. He and his wife changed the course of modern music practically singlehandedly. Where are the tear-stained hordes, like those who took to the streets for Michael Jackson? Will there be media specials? Prime-time docudramas about his life? Look at the guy -- he can be around children without molesting them! That ought to be worth something, right?

No. You can find people claiming Michael Jackson changed the world in seven... no, eight... no, twenty-five ways. But Les Paul? He only gets credited with one.

On the one hand, I'm sure Les Paul led a much happier life than Michael Jackson. That is good. But we are dazzled by freak shows and marketing into hyping image over reality, and that is bad.

Nihilists and existentialists are wrong. There is truth and goodness and "real"-ness to the world. It's just we don't notice or appreciate it often enough. RIP, Les Paul.
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