Wasn't it bad enough that I was socially inept in the REAL world?
"Social Networking" now means I can be a virtual doofus as well as a doofus in the world of solids.

Maybe I'm just tired because I couldn't fall asleep last night. And the start of the school year means a return to the "do it -- or else!" world of ... the world.

Sometimes, I feel like life is one big, long math class to me. Not the math that was concrete and understandable and that came fairly easy to me; the "just invert and multiply" math. The rules that we were told to use without explanation of WHY they worked, so my brain kept spinning and questioning "ok, but WHY" while the rest of my classmates just buzzed along by doing what the teacher told them.

It's not that I'm rebellious, or disobedient, either then or now. I just want to know WHY.

WHY do I need to fill out that reading slip? You tell me you want my kids to read 20 minutes or more per night -- done! They do that for the last half hour before sleep, in bed, anyways. Why do I need another piece of paperwork? The parents who are going to encourage or force their kids to read for that 20 minutes are going to do it -- or not -- regardless. I don't need another nagging, niggling responsibility on my plate.

WHY do razor blades cost like 10 bucks for 4 of them?

WHY are magazines/TV health shows now claiming that a squirt of ketchup is a contributing factor to obesity?

WHY did people eat regular food and not get obese before, say, 1990 -- but now we must eat little besides lentils and brown rice or else risk death? Why does even questioning that mean I somehow endorse obesity?

Why can't people ride a bike without wearing a special suit?

Why are there 80 different kinds of popcorn in the store?

I'm turning into Andy Rooney again.
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