Grandma and Montel Williams
Since Miss Kathy brought up this story, I thought I'd flesh it out.

Before I was an Ubermilf, I was a dumb girl. While I was a dumb girl in high school, I dated The Evil One (TEO). While in college, I wanted to dump TEO, but he proposed. With dumb girl visions of pretty Cinderella dresses and happily ever after, I said yes. Needless to say, it was a tragic error. TEO turned out to be a self-loathing closeted gay man who became more and more abusive as time went on. So I left and have been happy ever since. But let's listen in as my mother tells my 89-year-old grandmother about the situation.

Mom: "... so she'll be staying here a little while until her apartment is ready. You know, he was using the internet to meet men."
Grandma: "Hmmm."
Mom: "And he was kicking her at his mother's wedding."
Grandma, shocked and angry: "He kicked our Sue?"
Mom: "And was meeting up with men."
Grandma, pissed: "OUR Sue?"
Mom: "And he had sex with them."
Grandma: "He KICKED OUR SUE?"
Mom: "Did you hear the part about the SEX with the MEN???"
Grandma, a bit condescendingly: "I know, Carol. I watch "Montel."
Grandma: "I can't believe he kicked our Sue."
Grandma: "If I ever saw him walking down the street, I'd spit on him." and scene.

So grandma had a good handle on the situation. Yes, I still would've divorced TEO after discovering he was gay; since I am heterosexual and wanted children, this would've presented an unresolveable conflict in our life goals. However, being gay did not make him evil. His abuse and refusal to get help sorting out his life did that.

This story ends happily, of course. Uberhusband is exceptionally loving and undeniably heterosexual. And, doesn't watch NASCAR.
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