I Know Nothing!
I know nothing
The Uberhubby and I landscaped today. Well, a small rectangle around the light post in the front yard, anyway. I know nothing about the outdoors, so I just took directions from hubby. He's not Mr. Green Jeans but he knows a little more than me. The lifting, bending and digging tired me out.

Too tired to write about how to spot an alien hooker. Too tired to rant on politics. Too tired to think of what I'm too tired to write about.

I will write some bad poetry:

Whither the chipmunk
Who lived in the gutter?
I think the coyote ate him.
Good riddance
He clogs our pipes no more

The girls take a bath
In melon-scented water
Heaped with bubbles
While Ariel the Mermaid
Swims beneath

When Spaghettios are smeared
Under dining room chairs
They cement with remarkable strength
It's my job to clean them
They try hard to hide
But to find them I go to great lengths

By the way, Titanic is on tonight, compounding my bliss. Have a nice night.
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