What's the scariest thing in YOUR bathroom?
A busted pipe? Shakes the Clown? Your burrito-loving co-worker with a newspaper under his arm?

Think again, my lovelies. Satanic bathmats were only the start of things that can go wrong in your bathroom. Consider these possibilities:

Your toilet could explode.
"The momentary relief I felt quickly vanished when the rescuer told me the door was padlocked on the outside. There was worse news, too. A sign on the door said that hydro blasting was about to occur, and the organizers didn’t want anyone in the head because raw sewage would spew from the toilet bowls."

Your tile could explode.
"Connie in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., described a similar event in her home, except she was IN the room when the tiles let loose. She was hit and suffered cuts and scratches from flying pieces. Her words: "My husband and I noticed at one point that the floor had a hollow sound to it when it was walked on or tapped. Several days later I was standing on the tile when it started to rise up and then -- bang! It exploded like a gun being fired. So now you know that a tile explosion IS possible."

Every bottle in your cabinet could explode.
"The patrolman who answered the call, James Hughes, went to the house very skeptical and perhaps wondering how he managed to wind up with the nutcase calls. Within a few minutes though, he had changed his mind about the nature of the case... when several bottles in the bathroom popped their lids and fired them in his direction! He quickly concluded that the Herrmann’s did indeed need help."

I post these warnings as a public service for you, my loyal readers.be careful
Be careful out there.
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