Hi-Dee-Ho! With Love, From Your Sanitary District
I received my sewer bill in the mail yesterday. Along with my usual usage charge and due date, they sent me a newsletter, an invitation to tour the facility during their "Open House" on October 1, and a generous offer for them to deliver some of their "biosolids" to my home.

First, the open house. If I choose to attend, I will be able to view "first-hand" all the components of wastewater treatment. I don't want to speak for everybody, but I thought the flush toilet was invented to avoid that sort of thing.

Second, the biosolids. Again, I have to say "No thank you." According to the pamphlet, "The material looks like black dirt, but has a softer consistency, carries a higher fertilizer value (really!) and retains more water than typical black dirt...At this point in time, we do not recommend that it be used for growing edible crops." Mmmm... biosolids.

The Wastewater Treatment Center also extends an invitation to "youth groups and students for extra credit projects or merit badges." How badly did these kids misbehave? That's just cruel.
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