Two Reasons I Feel Better
Or three, actually... counting all my beloved Blogger friends.

One, I've been doing some reading online and I think I know the roots of some of my self-destructive impulses. Now, all I have to do is figure out how to effectively deal with my mother... stay tuned for that! Amusing stories no doubt to follow!

Two, I found the Oriental Trading Company catalog that came in the mail today. The Halloween issue, no less! And I have my theme set: dead pirates.

From this catalog, I can order:
* A full-size pirate skeleton dressed in velvet coat
* A skeleton in leg shackles
* Pirate costumes for the whole family
* A full-size Jolly Roger flag
* Black, ripped, gauzy fabric to hang around that looks like tattered sails
* A pirate chest loaded with toys and candy, so the trick or treaters can reach in
and pick their treat out of the chest
* More skeletons!
* Fog machine and fog mist

And that's just a start! My friends, I L-O-V-E Halloween! Now I have something to occupy my crazy brain. Hee Hee! Who wants to come to a party at my house? They even have martini glasses with disembodied skeleton hands wrapped around the base, and skulls you can drink out of with a straw, and much, much more!

Thank you, Oriental Trading Company! You've made me very happy!
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