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This hurricane situation in enraging me. Specifically, the twisted devotion to the current ruling administration which causes its devotees to rigorously change facts to support anything and everything it does. George Bush himself has admitted the Federal response to the natural disaster was mishandled! What is with these people?

I hear something about the mayor of New Orleans being "corrupt" and evacuation buses flooding through improper planning. I don't care if the mayor was selling crack out of his office, and the buses were driven into the Gulf of Mexico deliberately; it doesn't explain why it took four days for Federal relief to arrive.

They say the Governor of Louisiana didn't request help in a timely fashion (which is disproved, by the way; requests were made the previous week.) You mean the NATIONAL Weather Service didn't know the hurricane was coming? They were only going to come out if the proper paperwork was filed? Or only if they were asked "nicely." Did the Governor not say "Pretty pretty please... with a cherry on top?"

Instead of stepping up to the plate, Bush administration apologists respond with wounded self-righteousness to cries of racism. "We aren't racists! If we were, Condi couldn't be buying $1,000 shoes, now could she?" I believe them; they aren't racist, they don't care for poor people. The fact that many black people are poor results from systemic racism, not just the Bush administration specifically.

This is a national disgrace for ALL of us. And regular, everyday people regardless of political affiliation have come forward with open hands and hearts, ready to help. It's the Federal government that left our fellow citizens with their asses flapping in the wind. And we have to learn a big, fat, lesson from this: PEOPLE are not the focus of our national leaders. FACE FACTS! We are expendable to them.

How many of us have to die before you turn off Rush and Fox News and look after yourself? They're just spinning facts so that you get angry at your usual bogeymen -- liberals and their friends -- instead of asking the current administration why they let your fellow citizens die. I'm not saying to turn into a liberal if you disagree with that ideology, but for God's sake TAKE YOUR PARTY BACK from these people. THEY DON'T CARE about everyday people. I don't believe that is a trait of the typical conservative. Guiliani didn't abandon his city; why did our national leaders abandon our Gulf Coast?
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