Should I Give Todd My Brownie Recipe?

Todd (aka Your Name Here) has asked for killer brownie recipes for his birthday. Initially, I was excited to comply. I searched for the tattered, butter-smeared, hand-written recipe that I have, and voila! I found it. Plus my grandma's pierogi recipe and cheese filling recipe, and my mom's pie crust recipe. But I digress.

I found it, and I started to send it to him for his birthday on September 24, but I stopped. This is a fantastic recipe. A unique recipe. A secret recipe. So I am hesitant to share. Not dead-set against. Just hesitant.

So I will let you, the reader, decide. Please vote below:

Should I Give Todd My Brownie Recipe?

Yes, it's his birthday!
No, it's a family heirloom

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I will compile the votes and decide by Friday.
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