We Haven't Checked in with Cuntzilla in a While
For those unfamiliar with Cuntzilla, you can check out the backstory here, here and here.

I haven't complained about her lately because she gave birth to my beautiful niece and she's been pretty good about letting us see the baby.

But my brother lost his job a couple of weeks ago; he's a mortgage broker and with rates rising, it's just not the cash cow it used to be. His company closed its doors. He did get a new job, but it's another mortgage sales job. His base pay is tiny; he has to rely on commissions. This has driven my mother, with her anxiety disorder, through the stratosphere.

Why am I writing about my dumbass brother and Cuntzilla again? My brother (again, dumbass!) listens to her and her stupid family about what great opportunities these sales jobs are. They NEVER work out for him. Oddly, despite her money-grubbing nature, she loves to see my brother struggle. Whenever he moves up in an organization, she tries to talk him out of accepting better offers; for instance, a Vice Presidency was in his future at the last job, and she fretted about buying a more professional wardrobe for my brother.

I no longer think she's entirely evil, but she is a dimwit. And my brother's a bigger dimwit for listening to her.
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