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I just wanted to have my cup of coffee and read the paper. Reading the world and national news upsets me. So, I decided to read my local paper; as long as I avoid the Park District News section, I should be fine. Right?

Wrong. In the most innocuous of papers, in the most innocuous of sections, I read this.

I will highlight the sentences that most made my doughnut stick in my throat:

"Ruth Princess of Western Springs, who runs Princess and Pirate Parties, said old-fashioned birthday parties have 'bitten the dust.'

'They don't exist anymore. It's too much about keeping up with the Joneses. Plus kids have so much stimulation, and the old-fashioned party is just too boring.'"

"Princess, who legally changed her last name to Princess, started her company, Princess and Pirate Parties, about five years ago."

"Princess said pirates are a logical counterpart to the princess parties because 'they are all treasure seekers.'"

"'One mom had a party for a 3-year-old. There were caterers, a bartender, engraved napkins, a moon jump and horses. Everything. I tried to convince them that they should have only one focus, me, and they should try to keep the party to an hour and half for children under 5,' she said."

"Sprandel said one of her customers hired a horse and carriage for more than $800 to take the kids from the house to the party shop."

I cringe to think what "overindulged" means to these people.
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