Revised Year-End Blog Wrap-Up, Part I: The First Half of 2005
As this year draws to a close and next year looms ominously ahead, I am going to write a month by month wrap up of great moments in Blogdom.


First up, my friend and mentor B.A with his January entry, Religious Groups Target SpongeBob Video as Pro-Homosexual.


On Valentines Day, Nick had eggs for breakfast.


In March, LoLo Lova starts Telling It Like It Is. Apparently, "it" is like this: "Yes, I have big boobs. They're real. And they're spectacular!"


On April 28, Melanie and LoLo pimp someone's rubbermaid cart in an act of retribution.

"One of the other @sshole front desks stole one of our carts. It was clearly marked with the doctor’s name. The whores lied and said that “someone” gave it to them. SOMEONE? They couldn’t even give us a name. Whatever. We let them keep the cart….for awhile. One day not long ago (last Wednesday) we stole that beyotch cart back. I will not go into detail as I am not sure who will be reading this. Anyway, we decided the cart needed a makeover so that the front desk would not try to steal it from us again (they are like that too, they would try). So, we decorated it. We pimped it out. We wrote and drew all over it. We fashioned mini-mud flaps for the wheels. We gave it custom plates, front and back as is the law in the State of Ohio. We printed cool pictures of stuff and permanently taped them to the top of the cart. The cart looks SWEET. We were going to install hydraulics, but simply ran out of time (translation, we had done no work for hours and it was becoming apparent that most of our co-workers and all of our supervisors were getting irritated…..although it could have been our incessant giggling whilst decorating)."

Also on April 28, Miss Lis gets drunk, comes home, and eats frozen burritos.

"Frozen burritos are really rather vile," she reports, "they bear little similarity to actual burritos, and the contents rather resemble cat sick - but MY GOD THEY ARE TASTY."


Ubermilf debuts! Granny Fanny appears:


I... apologize to NICK for BEING MEAN??? WTF??? I guess "I compared his naked body, which I have not even seen, to a cherub lawn ornament.

I said he could dress as Princess Leia in Jabba's lair by stringing two garbage can lids together to form a bra and sewing two bedsheets together to make a skirt."

Then, I wrote the bastard a haiku:
"Nick, I was cruel
I insulted your physique
That was uncalled for"

Clearly, that was before I got to know him well.
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