I Feel Sorry for Environmentalists' Kids...
If this is what passes for "fun" in their households.

My kids love the EnviroKidz brand of stuff -- cereal, waffles, snack bars. We can agree on these purchases, because they're pretty healthy and free of chemicals.


The cereal box boasts, "Look Inside the Box for More Fun!" When the excited child opens the box, he or she (in my family, she) finds... facts about pandas (or cheetas, or koalas, or whatever flavor she's eating. Their flavors are all named for animals.) Also, information about how to protect the panda's environment. And, most thrilling of all, a pledge form:

"I share Wildlife Trust's sense of urgency and would like to support the conservation efforts of your scientists and educators."

It took me 15 minutes to assure both UberGirls that no one had stolen their "prize."
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