Bad Music Thursday Returns Next Week. If Übermilf Finds Her Head by Then.
Ever since Daylight Savings Time reared its ugly head, my lovely Übergirlies have had trouble falling asleep. When they don't fall asleep when they should, Übermilf's private pampering time is interrupted. When Übermilf's private pampering time is interrupted, she gets annoyed. No one wants an annoyed Übermilf.

Also, the Girlies get cranky and whiny when they don't get their accustomed amount of sleep.

I turned to science for answers on how to get them to sleep on time. They gave me beautifully illustrated diagrams of Sleep Tips:

And Sleep Traps:

The problem is, I've tried ALL of the sleep tips and avoided ALL of the sleep traps – including not mounting a cuckoo clock in their room.

I'm considering finding some sort of child-safe sleeping gas – perhaps administered by umbrella, slipped under the crack of the door. If only the Penguin had been good instead of evil...

I must soldier on bravely, at least until Dilf gets back from New York tomorrow night. At which point I may abandon house.
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