Most Evil Sicko Award: Non-Clown Division
I've read about some seriously depraved individuals in my day, but this guy takes the cake.

"A former Children's Hospital nurse admitted to police that he sexually abused a terminally ill 4-year-old female patient 'to see if he liked it,' according to court documents released yesterday."

Hmmm, I'm not sure if I enjoy beating a grown man to death with a garden rake. I think I'll experiment on him.

"He said he molested the child a second time because 'he wasn't sure what he was feeling and he wasn't sure if he was interested in children,' police detectives reported in the warrant."

Ah, yes, it's always best to be sure about these things. Perhaps I should just maim him with the rake, before I whack him a few more times to get in touch with my feelings.

Oh, but rest easy, folks:

"Irvin told police that 'he didn't get sexually aroused, so he decided he was not interested in children' but he admitted that he continued looking at pictures of children."

He's makes a good point. Perhaps I should just watch videos of other people hacking at him with a garden rake.

My arms get tired after a while, anyway.
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