Warning: This Post Will Scare the Bejeebus out of Dilf
I know I complain about the hillbilly repair jobs and all, but I'm happy with my house. Yep, I have the kitchen, living room and dining room just about fully decorated in a Parisian Apartment style. I used a color scheme of red, black, ivory and gold. I'm all done. Yep.

Which means I want to change it all around to something new. Because I am a sick, sick woman. I want to make it all mid-century modern. Pink! Aqua! Poodles! Atomic! Black Cats, especially that clock with the moving eyeballs! Re-do! Re-do! Re-do! (pant, pant, pant)

Well, I could keep the color scheme. Look at these, aren't they cool?

And I guess I could just change out a few accessories here and there...

Or maybe I should just wait five minutes until I change my mind again.
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