Hypocrisy meter... in red... Anger... Rising... Bile... Reaching Dangerous Levels... ÜBEREXPLOSION IMMINENT!!! TAKE COVER!!!!

In case YouTube takes down my video, you can also see it here.

Do I need to explain why this infuriates me? Because I'll have to calm down first.

So... many... reasons...

"Atavistic spirit to find blame", he says, hmmmm? Let's see whom Mr. Robertson has chosen to blame, shall we?

Robertson Blames Hurricane on Choice of Ellen Degeneres to Host Emmys

Pat Robertson blames hurricanes on Satan

Rev. Jerry Falwell (with Rev. Pat Robertson)
blames pagans, abortionists, feminists
& gays and lesbians for bringing on the
terrorist attacks in New York and Washington

Pat Robertson Blames Watchdog Group for Killing Spree

Pat Robertson Blames God For Ariel Sharon's Illness

Of course, Mr. Robertson's claim to being a forgiving sort could soften the effect of his big flaming finger of blame... if you forget his chuckle about a potential Clinton assassination back in 1998 -- due to Clinton's "philandering."

I must stop before I go insane with rage.
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