Post 955: A Party of One
Keep voting. Early and often. Preliminary results tomorrow.

I have been pondering how to describe my political leanings, since everything seems topsy-turvy these days. I have decided, today at least, to dub myself an "anti-elitist." I'm starting my own political party of one.

I support the needs and desires of the everyday joes and janes. The people who pay their own bills. Who mow their own lawns, if they're lucky enough to have one. Who pay taxes. Who don't cheat the system, from either end.

I have to start my own party, because Republicans don't stand for the common man. That party is run by people like this:

They sit around in leather chairs in private clubs, smoking cigars and deciding how to divvy up our nation's assets among themselves. Fighting wars and paying taxes are for "the little people." They just reap the benefits. Whenever the filthy masses creep uncomfortably close to joining their monied enclave, they start a recession, and make things like education and health care cost-prohibitive. Also, they are sexual deviants who use their power to coerce impressionable youth for their own personal pleasures.

On the other hand, I can't be a Democrat, because they are led by people like this:

They stand around at wine and cheese parties, discussing how much they hate America and Christians. They want to drain any extra money earned by hard-working families to fund social programs that thwart the progress and ambition of the poor. Ethics and morality are all relative to them; they care more about the rights of a serial killer than those of decent working folks. Also, they are sexual deviants who use their prestige to coerce impressionable youth for their own personal pleasures.

So there you have it. You can side with sexual deviants, or you can side with me. The choice is yours.


The FDA wants to approve the sale of cloned animal flesh and milk. I oppose this; ever time we screw around with nature we screw it up. If you agree with me, you can contact the agency here. If not, good luck not mutating.
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