Don't Wear Wednesday: Sexy Costumes of Non-Sexy Professions
We see them every Halloween: the naughty nurse, the French maid, the sexy cop, the schoolgirl. Hookers, of course. Hot librarians, waitresses, beer wenches -- I understand all of those. I roll my eyes at their tired clichés, but I understand them.

But this year a new crop of sexy costumes has arisen. While I cringe at the erotic versions of Raggedy Ann, Holly Hobbie, and (egads!) Care Bears, today I'd like to address the issue of the unmistakably non-erotic being transformed into the ludicrously erotic. I know costumes are meant to be fantasy, but these stretch the realm of possibility to ridiculous extremes. Observe:

fast food worker

computer geek

taxicab driver

Judge Judy. Yes, you read that correctly.

Even my chosen profession is not immune:

In case you're wondering, her spatula says "My husband's not home."

I'm waiting for next year's scantily-clad truck driver, ditch digger and lunch lady costumes. I've always thought hair nets were sexy.
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