More Family Word Fun

While we wait for the Muzzy edition of my family's secret language to become available, I will provide you with some definitions just in case you are thrust into the middle of one of my family's parties. Previously, we have learned the phrases "the big V", "Apple Haus Explosion" and "the Meat Dream."

Let's continue on our learning quest:

  • shzim shzim: "chilly", in reference to the temperature outdoors. Frequently used as a warning: "It is shzim shzim out there!" "Put on a [coat, sweater, hat], it's shzim shzim out there!" Origin: Grandma, aka buschia.
  • shooshoo peepee: Inadequate for it's purpose, and/or cheaply made. "I can't see my cards under this shooshoo peepee light!" "Your aunt has corns on her feet because she buys shooshoo peepee shoes." Origin: Grandma, again.
  • schlocka malacka: similar to shooshoo peepee, only can also apply to ideas. Can also indicate an intended scam. "George Bush is a schlocka malacka president." "That's a schlocka malacka excuse!" Origin: unknown.
  • Roy Dubay: A person who emits a noxious cloud of odiferous gas. Origin: one day in church, a very, very unpleasant smell lingered in the air; poor Roy Dubay (a schoolmate of my older sisters') happened to be sitting in front of us and received the blame. His name has become synonymous with smelly flatulance every since, although it's never been proven he was at fault.
  • Hoosie MaBooble: an object whose actual name eludes the speaker. "Could you hand me that hoosie mabooble? .... no, not that one... yeah. That one. Thanks." "Did you call the plumber and tell him the hoosie mabooble is leaking?" Origin: unknown.
  • Lie like a fishcake: to utter outright falsehoods. Origin: unknown, suspected Dad saying.
  • Big bazoo: a sassy mouth. Can be used to indicate either the mouth specifically, or indicate the person herself is snotty. Both "Shut yer big bazoo!" and "YOU...BIG...ba-ZOO!!!" are acceptable. Origin: definitely dad
  • Tough bonza beans: too bad. Suspected bastardization of "garbanzo beans." "Dad, I don't want to clean my room..." "Tough bonza beans. Get in there." Origin: Dad.
  • Walkin' ain't crowded: if you don't like it, do it yourself. Origin: when my father was in high school, only one of his friends had a car and would drive everyone to school. One person complained about the crowded conditions in the car, to which his friend replied, "Walkin' ain't crowded."

That's all I can think of for now. Some of those are potentially life-saving, though.
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