"'Bratz' a Horror Movie for Parents"

My local movie reviewer summed up what I already knew, but what I'm glad somebody put into print, about the "Bratz" movie.

"The girls in the live-action "Bratz" movie look less - what's the right word? - whorish, but the lifestyle their movie is selling is no less disturbing. In an appearance-obsessed culture that's already full of land mines for self-conscious little girls, here is a movie that insists they are only worth as much as the clothes on their backs."

Other reviews, courtesy of Rotten Tomatoes:

"Bad not for its message or values, but for simply being a flat-out awful abortive trainwreck of a disastrous pile of worthless stupid garbage of an utter mess of a movie, even by the low, low standards of Movies Based on Toys."

"Wow, is this movie mind-numblingly vapid and shrill."

"This is why the terrorists hate us."

And I was so sure it would be full of positive values. Huh.
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