I'm Kinda Grumpy.

I'm just gonna spout out a bunch of stream of consciousness bullshit because this site has left me incapable of coherent thought.

The kids are sick and Dilf's out of town. It's not his fault, but that doesn't make emptying the barf buckets any easier.

And I'm pissed of because the materialistic bastards who run our economy and our lives and our country are ruining everything and I just know, after they've collected their plunder and left everything in shreds, they're gonna turn to us normal working stiffs and say, "Here's YOUR country back. Power to the people!" Thomas Jefferson tried to warn us about this shit. Of course, he kinda conveniently uses "conquered" for "stole from the people who were already here." But still, he had a point.

And another thing. I'm sick of laundry and bills. I don't mind cooking and cleaning up. I can get cleaning done pretty quickly. I just fucking hate giving money to jackals who I want to punch in the face, so I put it off. I'm never as much as 30 days late, but I still drag my feet. Except on medical stuff, which isn't my fault. I swear to God, I get these bills for the co-pay or whatever, which I pay. Then all of a sudden I get these 90-day-ago bills for $240 or some shit that I have no idea where they came from. "Insurance didn't pay that amount." Why the hell not? But I've got to pay it. Because it's "my responsibility." I would like to see what would happen if my husband's employer would say, "We're only gonna pay ... um... 60 percent of our premium. It's our policy. If you think this policy is in error, submit your claim in writing, and someone from our organization will send you a form letter that says, 'tough shit. no tag backs.'" We'll see how that sits with them. Lying cheating fraudulent motherfuckers.

I don't get angry at the laundry. It's just really overwhelming right now. I'm avoiding it because I'm a big baby about big scary piles of stuff.

What else.

This isn't really a rant, but an observation. Perhaps an economic indicator. We have a pay-per-container garbage system here. You pay for stickers and put them on the trash can handles. Well, this week was "garbage amnesty" week where they would haul away anything -- no questions asked. Like an old couch or a gas grill that doesn't work anymore or your old bike frame or whatever. Every year they do that, and every year there's a couple of Fred Sanford types who drive around in trucks and pick the choicest plums. Well, this year, I'd say the number of junk pickers has quadrupled or so. There was an explosion of people sorting through the garbage. And while the previous people seemed to be somewhat professional scrappers, these new folks came from all walks of life. In station wagons and minivans and such. That's my sociological observation of the day from my front window.

Because that's as far as I can get with all the coughing and sneezing and vomiting and such.
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