Bad Music Thursday: Getting a Bad Rap, Part II

Last Week's entry was a bit hodgepodge, held together by the common element of gas. Today's post celebrates a man who may be the crusty-old-curmudgeonly-grandfather-who-nobody-wants-to-invite-to-Thanksgiving of rap music -- Victor Lundberg.

I have been able to find two mp3 recordings for your listening pleasure: the first, "An Open Letter to That Goddamned Punk My Teenage Son", was the more popular of the two.

Click here to hear

For those of you who don't want to sit through the whole thing, my favorite line comes at the end:

And I will remind you that your mother will love
you no matter what you do, because she is a woman. And I love you too,
son. But I also love our country and the principles for which we stand.
And if you decide to burn your draft card, then burn your birth
certificate at the same time.
From that moment on, I have no son!

For more of his charming and warm-hearted social commentary, listen to "To the Flower Power":

Click here to hear

Personally, I find the "Flower Power" more entertaining. He insults their personal hygeine.
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