A Herculean Task
I can't think of any legendary hero whose appeal has lasted as long as Hercules. Thousands of years have passed, yet he still inspires a Disney movie and a cult TV show.

Is it the homoeroticism that somehow became attached to his character that makes him so unforgettable? As early as the 1960's -- in a cartoon aimed at children, no less -- Johnny Nash can't contain his feelings when singing about him:

Whatever it is, it crosses cultural boundaries.

It also crosses historical eras, geographic areas and any semblance of common sense.

I am amazed at the depth and breadth of Hercules-related stories out there. I will make it a priority of mine to investigate all things Hercules, and report them back to you. I'll bet you even have a Hercules-related favorite you'd like to share. All in good time -- I'm sure we'll get to it. And maybe throw some Thor in there for good measure.
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