Don't Worry, I'm Happy! Well, Content, Really. Wouldn't Want to Overstate Things

I've been going about this blogging thing completely the wrong way. I shouldn't express strong opinions or emotions; those things make people uncomfortable and a little scared inside. And nobody wants to think about current events or controversies -- that's not FUN. And the most important thing in life is to have fun and be comfortable and content, right?

Ohmigod, guys, I am SO sorry. It won't happen again.

I can't WAIT to go shopping for fall clothes. They just built a big mall near me with totally cute shops in it. And Macy's, too, for department store stuff. Like, you can't get the designer handbags in the little boutique-y shops, you know? I like to buy all new stuff for every season. Call me a shopaholic! I can keep spending as long as I have checks in the checkbook, right? LOL.

I'm going to totally stop eating carbs. And go to the gym every day, for like at least an hour. I'm totally serious. I mean, I'm not down on myself or anything, because that would be bad, but I want cute clothes and stuff.

Facials feel soooooo good, don't they?

I need a new car. I mean, the one I have is like 3 years old almost. And it's some generic Honda, not anything hot. How can I be hot without a hot car? I know! I can't! Somebody tell Dilf!

I would tell him myself, but he gets grumpy. I don't like when people get grumpy. I don't know why he doesn't just chill out, you know?

You know who's hot? Clive Owen.

Who else here likes "Grey's Anatomy?" That show rocks!

That's it for now. My hair needs highlights.
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