Don't Wear Wednesday: Cruggs*
It seems Satan was jealous his little cloven hooves don't fit into any shoes, so he cursed mankind with Cruggs.

Yes, someone has merged Crocs with Uggs to create the ultimate footwear freak show. Indeed, they are the Yorkie Poo of shoes.

Let me see if I understand the concept: take a furry liner with which to overheat the feet; then, when they're good and sweaty, encase them in unbreathable plastic so they boil in their own rank juices! Genius!

And, they're clogs -- so, being open in the back, snow can get in there, too. What a great idea!

I can think of two good things about this: presumably, they will be worn in winter, meaning you may find snow upon the ground with which to make snowballs, enabling you to pelt the Cruggs-wearer with them; also, they're bright colors will make them easy to spot for targeting with said snowballs. Winter fun for all!

*Apparently Boing Boing already beat me to the punch, but for the record, I heard about these a week and a half ago; I've just been late getting to them.
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