Don't Wear Wednesday: Leather to Loathe
Initially while conducting my research for my emergency replacement article, I came upon this site for men's leather goods.  It's called the Lil' Shop of Leather, and I was awed by its menswear selection.

Then, I found the home page, and discovered it's located in Branson, Missouri.  Scratch that -- it has TWO LOCATIONS -- both in the "historic downtown."

Does Branson know it's a parody of itself, or are they too busy counting the money to care?

Anyways, please enjoy the lovely selection of men's leatherwear I've chosen for you.
I don't need a belt for my pants; I've got one on my jacket!


In America, I'm free -- to look like a total doofus.

Can I take this off now?  I'm old enough to know better.

What do you mean, this jacket was in "Dumb and Dumber?"

I catch all the Branson GILFs in this little number.

Please check out the ladies' section as well.  One post alone cannot capture all the leathery goodness that is Lil' Shop of Leather.

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