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Today, let's talk about Thanksgiving.

I know the people who were already here before Europeans landed grumble about Thanksgiving. And yes, it puts a pretty face on a very ugly period of human history. But consider this:

  • While the truth behind what happened after this first relatively friendly co-existence in Massachusetts is painful, the spirit of this holiday is a lovely one -- people of very different cultures getting together to share a meal and have a big party. It was like new neighbors throwing a party for the existing neighbors to thank them for helping them settle in. Only with less furniture moving and more disease and famine.
  • Everybody can enjoy this holiday. Vegans can have Tofurky, religious people can say a prayer, non-religious people can be thankful to our nation's hard-working farmers. We all can be grateful that heritage turkeys are making a comeback, and also remember that largely by virtue of when and where we were born, we have clean water spouting from indoor plumbing and real floors and roofs over our heads.
  • If you don't like the idea of a feast because you feel it glorifies gluttony, you can volunteer to serve others on this day.

Of course, I am a holiday apologist because I LOVES the parties. Party at the Übers on Thanksgiving!
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