NewsDay Tuesday: Almighty Dollar Accused of Fraud
Creflo Dollar stands accused of fraud by Charles Grossley (R-IA), along with five of his compatriots.

He is a televangelist.  Named Dollar.  Who raked in 69 million of his little namesakes last year alone.

But despite his name, shit-eating grin and white pimp suits,  I prefer the magic green hankie man to Dollar, for his sheer audacity alone.

Take a look at him in action:

That's genius!  Evil genius, but genius nonetheless.  It does everything!

It heals.  It brings in money.  It absorbs spills, and you can toss it into the washer to restore freshness.  I bet you put it on your head when you can't do a thing with your hair, and, voila!  A brand new 'do!

What are you waiting for?  Call now!

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