High School History, by Darth Roker

"I once got in a fight during a baseball game with Peter Ryndak, Steve Slomiany, and Jim Murtaugh. On my side I had Greg Zoeller and Todd Gilchrist. After about 3 minutes of intense Fight Club type action, Gilcrhist and Zoeller were gone, leaving me to get beaten to a pulp... until Jim Eschrich and Mark Dunn showed up. Dunn said something about calling his mom -- Eschrich actually threw a punch or two. To this day I thank Eschrich that I am only partially retarded. I thanked Dunn by larding his camper."

Questions for Roker:

  1. How did the fight start?
  2. Were you playing baseball, or were you a spectator?
  3. Did you lose any teeth?
  4. Did you get even with Gilchrist and Zoeller?
  5. Is "larding his camper" a euphamism for a sexual act?
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